Getting Started

Use this page to get familiar with the basic components of your new template.

Global typography styles.

This template makes use of the global styles for your typography. Global styles allow us to specify the font size and colors for each of the component types - H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, Paragraph, Links, etc etc.

This way when we use a heading element, like H1 we can expect some certain styles. If you move components to a new project, it will inherit that projects global styles, meaning you will likely see design differences.

Interactions (Scroll In View)

This template makes use of easy scroll in-to-view animations. All elements that animate on the page, will have an interaction applied to it. You will notice the small lighting bolt icon in the layers panel to see the animated layer.

We recommend using our default interaction options to simply apply animations to any selected element or wrapper.

Navigations (Dark & Light)

When making changes to the navigation elements, please ensure you edit both the light and dark mode versions! You can see these as symbols which can be added to any page, but also on the home page and company page for example.

We have added classes here to style both dark and light links, just please ensure you add your changed links or nav items to both versions! OR just totally just it as you please.


Each section of the website should have the class Container applied within it. Containers hold our content and ensure it doesn't expact too far and is consistent on all pages.

We have used a default 'Container' of 1100px, if you choose to change this on the container element, it will apply to all containers used on the site. 

  • Default Container - 1100px
  • Container Tight - 960px

More Information

For further information, please review the Webflow documentation or reach out to us via template support -

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This page details the most common questions for the template and some tips to help you get started editing it. As always, we recommend reviewing the Webflow University for the most general and up-to-date Webflow guides.

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